“We’re playing to win, not to make sure we don’t lose.” — Carey Price on the Canadiens mindset heading into the playoffs (via pricernellkarl)


toews and kane ‘getting ready for the playoffs,’ 04.12.14 x



"Hi Erik, I’m wondering what do you think of when boys say girls can’t be real hockey fans? Personally I’m getting sick of hearing that and I wanted to know what an actual player in the league thinks."

For any of you who have ever called a girl a puck bunny, or a fake fan, simply because she’s a girl, you can go fuck yourself. When actual players think that behaviour is bullshit, it means it is.

If any guy ever tries to tell me this again, I’ll show them this. I really look up to Erik, now I do even more. 

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NHL Playoffs 2014 — Western Conference: Round 01

  • P1 Anaheim Ducks // W2 Dallas Stars
  • P2 San Jose Sharks // P3 Los Angeles Kings
  • C1 Colorado Avalanche // W1 Minnesota Wild
  • C2 St. Louis Blues // C3 Chicago Blackhawks


He’s more popular then his damn team.

beau bennett at the ripe old age of twelve nineteen