“I am not going to change anything just because I am wearing the “C.” I am who I am. I want to go out on the ice and lead by example. That’s what I do best, play hard for my teammates. I want to keep doing that and set a good example on and off the ice.”

Happy 25th Birthday to our wonderful captain! 

“He knew that something was wrong, but kept going. Obviously, you don’t talk about these things [while still involved in games], but you have to heal at some point.”
— Pat Brisson on Crosby’s injury (via eternityinalake) —


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“Whatever team I’ve played on, I like to go out my way to stick up for my teammates. Every team needs a couple guys like that. I can guarantee there won’t be any liberties on those players this year.”
Steve Downie on protecting Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin (via crrosby) —
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